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Date Published - 2015-07-06 Author - Neil Jackson

Bass fishing, the addiction to life

My grandfather was a bass fisherman, my father was one, and so I became a bass fisherman, this is often the story when speaking to fisherman about bass fishing.

Bass FishingTo them it is the joy of holding a 'huge' bass (no matter how big it really is), looking into it's eyes, kissing it and letting it go.

There are of course many other reasons for this bass fishing addiction. The thrill of the chase, trying to find them, to outwit them, to reel them in. It is a pure primal instinct. Photograph them and release them. The primitive hunting instincts with out the destruction. It is a thing of true beauty that has to be experienced first hand in order to be appreciated. This is the reason for this websites existence.

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I want to get more people, male and female, out on the water easing life's stresses, absorbing nature, enjoying what is given to us. It is very spiritual, a kind of "religion" of the wild.

Watching the deer coming to drink in the early morning, the mist over the water. The chill in the hands as you drink your hot coffee and prepare to get onto the water. The silence that is only broken the activity of bass fishing.

It is a great family pass time, away for father and son to bond. A passing of a skill from generation to generation as they use to before computers and the Internet.

It is now considered to be a pass time and a sport. The growth is a sport is on the rise. I worry that it will become win at all costs and it will lose it's natural beauty as we compete to win against each other instead of against the fish.

The art of bass fishing has changed dramatically since it was introduced as a sport in the late 19th century. I suppose after 200 odd years there is going to be some change. Now you have the have the best lures you can get along with the rod and reel to match.

The black bass is the most commonly known bass but there are a number of secondary species found in North America. The largest largemouth bas recorded was 20 pounds or 9.07 kilograms and about 35 inches or 0.9 metres long.Bass fishing

Even if the most commonly known bass s the black bass there are four types of bass and other secondary species found inNorth America. They can be found in specific locations. On record the largest largemouth bass caught was more than twenty pounds and is thirty five inches in length. When it comes to smallmouth bass they can be found in their native habitat mostly along the Mississippi River andHudson Bay.

Date Published - 2015-07-06 Author - Neil Jackson


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